Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Star Riders band complete

Check it out! All those original characters I created and sketched are part of a rock band named "Star Riders" (a.k.a. "Seven Stars"). The band name might not be an original name, but my characters are. Looks like they're having fun! It's amazing that the power of music can change lives! Here are the band positions:

Shroud the Skunk - lead guitarist, lead vocalist, band frontman

Sonia Light - bassist (on occasions, she is a background vocalist and sometimes she'll perform solo, singing country music)

Flare the Dragon - bass guitarist

Bleon the Parasite - drummer (and he's darn got it covered!)

Gusty the Robin - background/backup/assistant vocalist

Kid the Raccoon - background/backup/assistant vocalist

Notice that Bow the Cat is not present. Although she is considered a member of the Star Riders, she is not seen with the band on stage and instead does solo dance performances. So get a good look at these freedom-fighting musicians ready to rock-and-roll their way into the future!

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