Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bow the Cat

Name: Bow the Cat
Age: 10
This was the first of seven characters I sketched by studying June from Little Einsteins and like her, Bow is also a gifted dancer. Isn't she cute? I styled her tail after that of a Maine coon cat named Andie, one of three cats that my family currently owns. Being a cat, spirited and young, Bow constantly strives to gain attention. And at an adolescent age, she tends to be smitten with older males and can be extremely flirtatious. Despite being anthropomorphic, she tends to have some behaviors of a house cat, including purring, hissing, and scratching.

Bow and the other characters I have sketched are to be featured in a graphic novel trilogy I am planning. She is set to appear in the third volume and will take part in a great battle to save her animal friends from the misunderstanding of mankind and the world from a dark demon spirit. She has a key role in the battle, as she possesses the power to enhance the strength of others around her that she loves and cares for.

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