Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Psychopath Fandom

So the series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is set to continue for some five more years, but halfway through only Season 4, I received word of one of the most mentally disturbing things in all of bronydom.  It began with a letter...  And in its contents, a deranged brony, whose identity has been blotted out, writes a sane letter in which he claims that he and Twilight Sparkle are getting hitched in a summer season.  As sane as the letter appears to be written, in actuality, this one brony might have actually been affected mentally by everything pony in this series.  I mean, Twilight Sparkle is a purely fictional character and thus doesn't exist in real life.  How much clearer does that need to be to these bronies?  I mean, sure, we don't have to say things like "Oh, she's just a fictional character, we don't have to feel for her at all, so we don't care", except maybe Derpibooru, in which its users are notorious for writing unkind and maybe even spiteful comments on just about anything that gets uploaded.  But seriously, how in the hell did the bronydom come to this?!  And this was about a year ago!  This one brony is totally nuts!  Crazy!  Deranged!  Psycho!  And if this whole series is due to continue for about five more years, think of what could happen to the entire brony fanbase by then.  Their brains could be so full of pony that they lose sight of reality altogether and maybe even end up in mental health institutes!  And that's when the lawsuits could begin.  So for all we know, this letter could be just a sneak preview of what terrors from the brony fanbase have yet to come.  Beware, the mentally challenged bronies!

...And go ahead.  Don't take me seriously.  See what I care.

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