Sunday, May 19, 2013

Canon Phinbella?

Now, you didn't think for a minute that I had swayed from Phineas and Ferb for ponies, did you?  Not a chance!  But because I keep shifting, a lot of news has come and gone, but this time around, I've found one of the greatest pieces of news in existence.  For Season 4, an episode titled "Act Your Age" is in production as we speak and it (believe it or not) will seemingly fixate on the would-be lovey-dovey pair of children, Phineas and Isabella.  I don't know whether this image is real or not, although the dA user Puffedwarrior could have just easily slapped the Disney XD logo on just to troll us.  However, Dan Povenmire once stated on his Twitter account that he finished an image that would get Phinbella fans to react on a very high scale.  But in any case, Phinbella fans are gaining high expectations for this upcoming episode, bound for airing on TV sometime in 2014.  Maybe it's gonna be the new summer fling, as "Mission Marvel" will be this summer.

This might not be a joke this time around, so fans, brace yourselves!  The biggest highlight of the show is about to become a reality!  Isabella's greatest dream will soon come true... hopefully...

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