Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Odds and Ends

"Candace, I'm not stupid.  You want me to bust Phineas and Ferb for your romantic advice?  That's blackmail!"
"What are you girls talking about?  I don't understand any of this."

We're closing in on the end of Phineas and Ferb Season 3 and it seems that a few questions and estimates remain.  First of all, it is widely believed that regarding the episode in which Isabella asks Candace for romantic advice that Candace could potentially work Isabella over for it by having them team up to bust Phineas and Ferb.  One, Isabella would never betray Phineas just for the sake of winning his heart for a number of reasons and from what I see, it wouldn't even make any sense to begin with.  Two, there's no way this would work right from the beginning because it means that Candace hadn't learned her lesson from teaming up with Suzy, that is to say her results were still the same.  So who's to say that even if she suckered Isabella in that it would work anyway.  Secondly, it seems that fans are trying to get smart and expect multiple cliffhangers to happen in the two-part episode "Where's Perry?" instead of just the one in which Perry disappears to God knows where.  Some say that more buildups between Phineas and Isabella are a probability.  Not to be pessimistic, but I for one still say that the movie had that chance and blew it, and even though the doors are still open for business, I still have my doubts.  "Meapless in Seattle" technically had nothing special aside from Phineas acknowledging Isabella's cuteness a second time, so what makes fans think that "Where's Perry?" is gonna be something special?  Last I checked in "Summer Belongs To You", Isabella willingly sacrificed her would-be time with Phineas to return him to the state he always should be in.  Therefore, the last thing she would do is sacrifice the boys' summer fun just for a chance to win Phineas' heart, especially if Candace is a jerk who could possibly just be tricking Isabella to get her brothers busted and nothing else mattered.  Believe it or not, even this is potentially possible because she nearly sacrificed Phineas' birthday during one of her utmost attempts.  In any case, I still think Phineas is entirely too oblivious in spite of all the episodes so far.  But it looks like later this summer, we will be able to find out more, though I'm secretly hoping the rest of Season 3 can just come and go in order to pave the way for Season 4.  It all comes down to this.  Let's see what awaits us...

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