Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Who Says a Platypus Doesn't Do Much?

Maybe a platypus doesn't do much, but a Platy-bus does. Read all about it here.

Well, as everyone knows by now, Perry the Platypus is not your average platypus who doesn't do much, and some of you probably know that his species is not the only mammal species that lay eggs. The echidna is another, and I can't understand why it's still not a correctly spelled word. But anyways, read the article and get all the hips and happenings on the number one show for tweens and keep telling yourself "Why oh why has this show still not surpassed Spongebob?" I mean, that yellow scatterbrained swab hasn't been seen going around and gaining all this fame the way Phineas and Ferb have. I'll bet if the stepbrothers ever appear in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade or at least have one more special occasion, Spongebob should start crying in his pineapple under the sea...that is, if he can even grasp half the things that are going on.

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