Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Candace Times Two!

As if dealing with Candace and her own crazy antics of the futility of busting her younger brothers, Phineas and Ferb, is maddening enough, in another episode that hasn't yet aired here on Disney Channel and Disney XD in the United States, Candace falls victim to a molecular divider the stepbrothers' built and is split in two! Like in most fictional series that revolve around incidents, Candace's alter egos have whole sides of separate personalities. That is to say, one side is completely focused on her love for Jeremy and one side is twisted and hell-bent on busting her brothers. If you thought Candace was crazy then, in this episode her bust-personality is completely mad and insane! And her sweet side really isn't any better because she disturbs Jeremy during his shift and before Jeremy agrees to kiss her as a token of remembrance, the mad Candace intervenes and pulls her away at the last minute!

And here's a screen shot of Candace who has now somehow become split into thirteen beings! How in the hell will this ever get settled? We'll have to find out should the episode ever make it here. There isn't a doubt, but what's taking so long?

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