Friday, January 8, 2010

E.V.I.L. G.U.Y.S.

Yes, that's right, I'm here to tell ya! These animals are... evil! Known as Dark Bios, enemies of Bios and masters of darkness, they have formed an organization known as the Shadow League, in which they become worshipers of an evil demon lord named Belpheles. And I won't say a word more than that! Here are their names, so you can see who's who:

(from left to right)
- Jet the Panther
- Dynak the Beetle
- Ten the Raven
- Surge the Mantaray
- Claw the Demon
- Furio the Koala
- Spite the Leopard
- Slate the Rat

These guys are... evil!
See if you can guess who will face who in an epic showdown. Here's a clue. Look at their appearances and starting rounding down from there to see who remains. Kudos to whoever gets it right!

Learn more about Bios and Belpheles by visiting my website's Manga section. You can find the link to the main page in an earlier post.


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