Tuesday, September 8, 2009


If you remember in a previous post, I mentioned the Yugioh Card Maker web site, which allows fans the freedom of making their own cards, with minimal exceptions. It's time for me to show off again, this time with five new cards of my own creations, including fan-made archetypes. So, let's get started!

Kicking off is this magnificent powerhouse boasting a whopping 3300 attack points - and that's just a start! If she destroys any opposition, she gets even stronger. To be more precise, she gains 800 more attack points. Starting off with a high number is one thing, as it is simple enough to destroy opponent's monsters, but Apollyon Osa can become nearly unstoppable if she keeps going! Normally, a Level 10 monster requires two sacrifices, but such is not the case for this monster. Apollyon Osa needs a special card, a Spell Card named "Dark Tri-Element", which requires that a player has three Level 7 or higher monsters on the field or in the hand and they must have different Attributes - Fire, Water, and Light. After that, Apollyon Osa can be called out from anywhere, even the Graveyard! While the summoning requirements may be a little strict, it certainly helps if you're stuck with a few high-level monsters in your hand. Just think - if you're stuck with a bad hand, you can trade it for Apollyon Osa, a big, battling behemoth!

Next up is yet another powerful female from an archetype that focuses on controlling opponent's monsters and using them for their abilities. In some cases, they use monster control mainly to clear the way for them to attack directly. Phoenix Lady is no exception, and with 2800 attack points, she almost doesn't need an ability to kick in from seducing an opponent's monster. However, she can be summoned more easily than you may think. If a player activates a Spell Card that includes the effect of sending cards to the Graveyard, watch out! Phoenix Lady might be in the hand and if she's sent, she can pop out next turn! Actually, being summoned from the Graveyard is the only way she can take control of an opponent's monster and since she doesn't have to be sent there by her own effect, the methods are near limitless! With the ability to take control of any monster your opponent has, Phoenix Lady can easily get past opposing forces that are stronger than her. And the best part is, the monster you take control of can also attack, which is a bigger bonus if you choose your opponent's strongest monster.

This card is from a rather unique archetype that happens to be all over the board with kinds of abilities. But, plain and simple, Dragon Girl is an ideal anti-Dragon card and possibly the best next to Buster Blader and Dark Paladin! While she doesn't draw on power while dragons are on the field or in the Graveyard, she cannot be attacked by them and can take control of them! This means that she can easily evade a Blue-Eyes White Dragon, the strongest Normal Monster in existence, as well as command it to be its master! Seto Kaiba would be at her mercy! So if your opponent is running a Dragon Deck, this card would make a suitable counter card. She also does well fighting alongside Buster Blader and Dark Paladin, but the latter is preferrable, as Buster Blader only benefits from your opponent's dragons and Dragon Girl can change that by taking command of one. But with 2600 attack points of her own and the possibility of a powerful dragon at your disposal, who's going to quibble? The choices are yours to make.

Like Elemental Heroes, Destiny Heroes, and Evil Heroes, the new Champion Heroes boast a wide variety of abilities. Most of them may have hybrid-like names, but they can prove you to be worthy combatants. Similar to Jaden Yuki's Elemental Heroes from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, some of the most powerful Champion Heroes are Fusion Monsters, so they are reliant on the Spell Card Polymerization. There's also a Spell Card I made up called Fusion Master, which is the best choice by far to quickly summon a Champion Hero Fusion Monster. Anyway, let's have a look at this mighty beast. Kaiser Panther not only wields an incredible attack power of 4000 points, but the moment it hits the field, all other cards on the field are wiped out! This makes it all too easy for a direct attack that, when combined with other cards such as Wild Nature's Release, can easily best your opponent for an OTK (One-Turn Kill). And the only drawback is that the player who summons Kaiser Panther must take damage equal to its original defense power, which is 2900 by default. And using cards to lower its defense doesn't help. But with 4000 attack points and the power to eradicate everything else, there's no arguing against its potent side effect.

Elemental Heroes use the word "Man" and Destiny Heroes use the word "Dude". So my Champion Heroes will use the word "Boy". I know it's silly, but try to warm up to it, okay? This bad boy may look exactly like the X Copy from Mega Man Zero in its seraph form, but as a card I made, it is not to be laughed at, as with any challenge from the Mega Man Zero series (some of you may remember how hard those games were). Starting with 4000 attack points alone is powerful enough, but Shining Blaster Boy LV10 can get even stronger for each Champion Hero in your Graveyard, which means that at a minimal, it could actually start with 5200 points. It can also pierce through defending monsters, meaning that your opponent's Life Points would not be safe no matter what it attacks, AND when it strikes, your opponent cannot activate Spells or Traps to try and stop it! This means, no Mirror Force, Magic Cylinder, Shrink, Mirage Tube, or any cards that activate exclusively in battle. With 4000 attack points by default, removing Champion Heroes in the Graveyard from play might not help too much. But Shining Blaster Boy LV10 does however have a crippling weakness - only 1600 defense points. Therefore, if your opponent activates Book of Moon, it could mean lights out for even this near unstoppable battling machine if your opponent summons a monster that is strong enough.

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